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About Us

A freight company with global reach
To deliver sustainable profits and grow our market share through world-class service to our customers internally and
Valuing Our People
Committing to their satisfaction, development and well-being by treating them with respect, dignity and fairness

Brief History

Deltafreight started its operations with 3 offices(Beitbridge,Chirundu and Forbes-Mutate) in February 2015.Consequently,a diverse business developed to include customs clearance,freight  forwarding and parcel services.


Delta Freight Today

The company today operates 21 offices in Southern Africa countries and complete its worldwide services through partnership.

The shareholders’ vision is to provide full Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding service network that links North-South Corridor in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The management team is passionate about providing world class Supply Chain Management service to our valued customers. Our services are poised for further growth and refinement as we continuously push the boundaries in determining the best possible strategies and technology necessary to make our client experience even better. Our combined knowledge and experience gives our management team additional insight into each customer’s logistics challenges and how best we could cater for them.

With over 30 years combined experience that our management team carries, our company is aligned with business values which mandate a diverse community in people, ethnic groups and industry expertise. This diversity ensures that we have in-house staff representing all primary disciplines in the Supply Chain Management business giving us more leverage and confidence in dealing with day to day client requirements. As a professional company we understand that each client’s logistic needs are as distinct as they are and therefore we provide customized, tailor-made service that are specifically engineered to cater for each client’s needs.

Deltafreight Leadership

Tichaona Nyadzoka
Chief Executive Officer

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Bite Batau
Chief Operating Officer

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William Mativenga
Area Manager-Beitbridge

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Our Code Of Conduct

Taking responsibility for individual and team actions, decisions and results by establishing clear plans and goals and measuring our progress against them
Practicing the highest standards of ethical behaviour in all our lines of work and maintaining credibility by making certain that our actions consistently match our words.
Excellence In Performance
Setting goals beyond the best, reinforcing high-quality performance standards and achieving excellence by implementing best practices
Delta freight strives for leadership position in providing best practice industry specific solutions to the supply chain contractors.

Our worldwide logistics services

For more information about our foot print and worldwide logistics partners, speak to our people in your region. Alternatively send your request to or call our central call centre. Contact details for all Delta Freight offices are available at

At Delta Freight, we care…

  • of your shipment

With dedication we will accompany you throughout all stages of your shipment by providing one-stop-shop logistics management.

  • of people

The responsible for operating in a healthy and safe environment and carry out our work with a safe methodology lies with all who are employed at Delta Freight, from the directors to the most junior staff member.

Our People

The right mix of personnel is the most valuable asset that any business has. Our employees and staff play an important role in the overall operation of the business. It is very important to know what skills we possess and the ones we lack since we have employed personnel to supply the skills we lack. Furthermore, it is essential that we know how to manage and treat our employees. Make them feel as part of the team. Keep them informed of changes and be sure to get their feedback. Employees can often be a great source of excellent ideas, of innovations to existing products/services, and inspiration for new product lines and markets to enter, so we must be sure to take the time to listen to our employees as they may provide us with the new competitive edge we have been looking for.

At Delta Freight, we…

  • work in close-knit teams with proven track records and skilled leaders
  • use our expertise to meet new geographic, technical or environmental challenges everyday
  • use intelligent planning tools to create innovative solutions
  • are skilled negotiators with all stakeholders, including local subcontractors and government authorities
  • provide expertise, ensuring specialist skills are tailored for each and every project
  • are flexible in our approach and ready to deliver projects anywhere across the globe
  • take care through our sensitivity to cultural diversity and local issues

Our organization

  • Mirrors the key global freight centres, with all major operational centres in Harare, Johannesburg and Lusaka 
  • Is staffed by project logistics specialists in the key centres across Southern Africa 
  • Operate throughout every time zone, on every continent 
  •  Works closely with local resources in project destination countries, enabling us to establish our own local experts on the ground

Our Systems 

  •  Are developed, enhanced, managed and maintained by our team of in-house experts 
  • Combine all offices in one global network which shares identical technology, working method and fully utilises our proven management tools 

Delta Freight system provides… 

  • Consignment monitoring 
  •  Pre-shipment inspection 
  •  Pre-shipment advice 
  •  Status reporting 
  •  Post-shipment advice 
  •  Selection of reliable and cost-effective carriers 
  •  Responsive account management 
  •  Hazardous goods management 
  • Vehicle tracking

Our Code of Conduct 

  • To promote a fair working environment 
  •  To promote a safe working environment and employee security 
  •  To promote learning and development 
  •  To promote social responsibility 
  •  To promote fair and honest dealings with customers 
  •  To promote fair and honest dealings with suppliers, other business partners or a government official 
  •  To promote fair competition 
  •  To protect confidential company information and assets 
  •  To promote financial good practice 
  •  To promote responsible interaction with government bodies 
  •  To comply with international laws 
  •  To comply with bribery and anti-corruption laws/regulations 
  •  To comply with export regulations and trade embargoes 
  •  To negotiate all contracts with the utmost integrity. 
  •  To pay taxes, and to honour all our creditors.